Istanbul is the capital city of Turkey.It is also a famous city in Turkey and is said to be a bridge between europe and asia. Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city located in the center of the old world,in the northeast of the Anatolian Peninsula between the black and Aegean seas,boasting for a vast and glorious history and magnificent scenic beauties. The city of istanbul has been known by a number of different names.The most notable names besides the modern turkish name are byzantium constantinople and stamboul.Different name are associated with different phases of its history and with different languages. Istanbul is the most populous european city by population within city limits.Its old city reflect culture influences of the many empires that once ruled here.

 Top 5 Beautiful Places In Istanbul


The former largest cathedral of the world

Hagia sophia the temple of God’s wisdom was the largest   cathedral in the world.The Hagia sophia(Ayusophia in Turkish)was originally built as a basilica for the Greek Orthodox christian church. It’s function has changed several times in the centuries since Byzantine Emperor constantine commissioned construction of the first Hagia Sophia in 360 A.D.The Hagia Sophia is an enormous architectural marvel in istanbul,Turkey,that was originally built as a chiristian basilica nearly 1,500 years ago. Much like the eiffel tower in Paris or the Parthenon in Athens the Hagia sophia is a long-enduring symbol of the cosmopolitan city.Hagia Sophia is a great architectural beauty and an important movement both for Byzantine and for a othoman empire.Once a church,later a mosque and now a museum the Turkish Republic,hagia Sophia has always been the valuable of its time.


The Largest Mosque in Istanbul

The Blue Mosque (called sultan ahmed camii in Turkish).The Blue Mosque is also known a Sultan Ahmed Mosque.It is the largest Mosque in Istanbul.The Blue Mosque(Sultan Ahmed Mosque) is a historic mosque located in Istanbul.The Blue Mosque as it is popularly known was constructed between 1609 and 1616.During the rule of Ahmed when Ahmed died in 1617,he was buried near the mosque and a mausoleum was built over his tomb.The construction of  the mosque started in august 1609.The architect in charge was Sedefkar Mehmed Agha.a student of great architect sinan.The detailed workbook of the construction consists of 8 volumes and still lies in the topkapi palace library.The Sultan ahmed mosque combines the best of two architectural styles.It is the mixture of traditional islamic architecture with Byzantine elements. Light inside the mosque is provided by the more than 200 stained glass windows several chandeliers.The floors are covered with carpets, which are donated by faithful people.Sultan mosque is the only mosque in Istanbul that has six minarets and this provided hostility at the time such a display was previously only preserved for the Prophet’s mosque in Mecca and the Sultan was criticized for thinking a bit too highly of himself.The story behind the six minarets is, paying for a seventh minaret at the mosque in mecca.

3.TOPKAPI PALACE Museum (Tower of Justice)

The Most Famous Palace in Turkey

 It opened as a museum in 1924,a year after the establishment of the Republic of Turkey.Topkapi Palace or the seraglio,is a large museum in Istanbul,Turkey.In the 15th Century construction began in 1459,ordered by Mehmed at the conquer, Six years after the conquest of constantinople.Topkapi Palace, which developed and grew over the centuries,had a design that played an important role in Ottoman government philosophy and in the relations between the Palace and its Subjects.History About 30 Sultans ruled from the Topkapi Palace for nearly four centuries during the Ottoman Empires 600-years region,beginning with Mehmed II.The Topkapi Palace Museum Harem apartments  are among the top tourist attractions at Topkapi Palace for Almost 400 years (1465-1856).Topkapi was used as a primary residence for the Ottoman Sultans and the harem was where the Sultan and his family lived had their private apartments.The palace complex has hundreds of rooms and chambers.The museum collections also include Ottoman clothing,weapons,armor,miniatures,religious relics,and illuminated manuscripts like the Topkapi manuscripts.Topkapi Palace is the part of Historic areas of Istanbul,a group of sites in Istanbul that were added to the UNESCO World Heritage sites in1985. 


One of the Largest and Oldest Bazaar in the World

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world,with 61 covered streets and over 3600 shops and cover a total area of 30,700 square meter visitors daily.The space allocation of Istanbul bazaar can be defined as a grid based system,where streets are intersecting each other.Grand bazaar has streets of various length and width.The grand bazaar is located inside the walled city of Istanbul,in the district of faith and in the neighbourhood (mahalle) bearing the same name(kapalicarsi).It stretches roughly from west to each between the mosques of beyazit and nuruosmaniye. The Grand Bazaar, founded in 1416, resembles a massive labyrinth with it aesthetic  design.Grand Bazaar also known as kapalicarsi built by Faith Sultan Mehmat. The complex structure of the Grand bazaar has evolved over the centuries in 1631,1701 and 1954 fire made serious damages at the bazaar and 1894 earthquake also destroyed parts of it.The bazaar aws reconstructed again and reached its contemporary plan on 1707.The grand bazaar has four main gates situated at the Ends of its two major streets with intersect near the southwestern corner of the bazaar


25th Longest Suspension Bridge Span in the World

The 25th longest suspension bridge span in the world is in Istanbul called Bosphorus. The Bosphorus bridge was constructed in june 1973 and opened for usage in october 1973.The Bosphorus bridge is one of two bridges that spans the bosphorus strait,connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.It stretches from Ortakoy on the European side to beylerbeyi on the asian side and is sometimes referred to as the first bosphorus bridge and it also known officially as the 15july Martyrs bridge and unofficially as the first bridge NSA scientists solved mystery behind colored Bosphorus NSA has put an end to the confusion over the mysterious hues of the Bosphorus which have changed from dark blue to a bright turquoise color in recent days.The cost of the bridge was US$ 200million.